NoPo Ness writes for Neighborhood Notes, "So, if you want a great tasting and authentic English chippy experience, I suggest you head on over to The Fish and Chip Shop, have a look-see and order up some of the paper-wrapped fish and chips along with a Tizer and some mushy peas and Bob's your uncle." Read more...

Cassandra Koslen says in the Sentinel, "The quarter pound of hot cod lay melting in its enveloping blanket of dime-thick batter, sprawled atop a bed of lettuce, embracing a tub of tartar sauce. Beside the fresh fish a pound of potatoes steamed, right out of the fryer. If I wasn’t hungry before, I certainly was now." Read more...

Ty Babcox writes in his blog Adventures in Brouhaha, "So, I ordered a large portion of halibut and a small portion of chips along with a bottomless soft drink. The food took a few minutes to arrive. After all, everything is made to order. But, when it arrived it was perfect. I doused it with salt and malt vinegar and dug in. Perfection. It is without a doubt the real thing. No pretender here. Just awesome. I would say it's the best I've had since England " Read more...

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